2015年11月10日 星期二

A piece of shit who's no president

To me, the so-called 1992 Consensus is just a lie. 

KMT wrapped it with some fancy words so it became a "masterpiece of ambiguity".

But the "historical handshake" which took place last Saturday has shaken the ambiguity out. 

After the masterpiece of ambiguity lost its sweet cover, the lie revealed.

That's what happened last Saturday in Singapore. And Mr. Ma the Mischievous is too dumb to realise that his trick can no longer fool Taiwanese.

Our president is a representative of our country. But when he gives no shit to our country's benefits, and only represents other country's merits, he's no president. 

He's just a piece of shit which deserves no respect.

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jalingon3011 提到...

Aren't we, the people, let this happen with our own votes?

And for those who didn't vote for Ma. Have we really done everything we could to prevent Ma won that election, or did we only just cast our votes and hoped for the best?

If yes, then on what ground can we call him "a piece of shit"?

That "piece of shit" is a representation of all our efforts combined, and if it looks bad, that's probably because there's something seriously wrong with the majority of people in this country - if we don't realize that and start changing the people, then we're just going to send one "piece of shit" after another on the stage.

seventeen 提到...

Hi jalingon3011,

Thanks for the comment and sorry I kept forgetting to reply.

Yes, we are. We are responsible for electing him to the office. And to me, whether one voted for Ma or not was no longer relevant on the day he made the President. We, the Taiwanese, elected him as the representative of this country via a democracy process. And as long as I still consider myself a Taiwanese, it's our responsibility to supervise him and his government collectively. That's why I always think it's paramount to empower the people with enough digestible info so that Taiwanese citizens can make informed choices. That's also why I started this blog- by wiring down how I think, I hope I can provoke and empower people to think by themselves.

But also, no, we are not totally responsible for his betrayal. People can change, and people who got tremendous power can change very quickly. I wouldn't say I foresee this betrayal to happen in this extremely bad way, nor I'd say I know Ma would do so badly as a President.

One of the biggest merit of democracy is that we can self-correct. But without proper legislation, we, the people, are deprived of our right to make politicians responsible and responsive to citizens' voices. Taiwan transited from a authoritarian country to a democratic one rather quickly and peacefully, but there are still some amendments need to be done before we can fully execute our rights.

Plus, Adolf Hitler was elected by German, but this did not grant him the right to do those inhumane crimes, and he was still responsible for what he did. Ma is no Hitler, but the same rule should apply.